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We recognized that the CBD industry is rapidly growing, filling up with many options while providing little, to no education. We love the benefits of CBD/THCV and have done countless hours of testing and research on all of our products. We have a pharmacist on staff that helps with all of our formulations so you are not receiving a white-labeled product. We are here to take the “hassle” away and provide a high quality product line with education.

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Take your rejuvenation to the next level with our body love bundle.  Included 4 products targeting to take away your aches and pains


(includes THCV THIN)

Take your rejuvenation to the next level with our body love bundle.  Included 4 products targeting to take away your aches and pains


Energy | Focus | Appetite Control

THCV THIN is for anyone looking for a natural aide in losing weight and improving overall health and wellness.  “Why did you say aide?”  We all know there is no shortage of “Magic Pill” ads out there online and we are not going to be that company.  Yes, you will lose weight taking this but you will benefit most from making lifestyle changes in addition to taking this supplement.  THCV THIN is not just another diet pill or trendy supplement. This brand new product actually has the potential to redefine how people think about CBD and fat burners alike!


Restorative Lotion

Our Delta 8 THC topical pain cream formulation has been described by chronic pain patients as “life changing,” allowing them to skip the pharmaceutical aisle to find daily relief. Use for back and shoulder pain, arthritis, strains, bruises, tension, nerve pain or carpal tunnel.



Contains Delta 8 




Contains Delta 8

Our commitment is to you!

We continue to research and stay current on the most recent and up to date news in the industry. We take the time with each individual to fully explain all the benefits, multiple choices and delivery methods available. We will walk you through the entire process, provide education and quality results to make sure you have the best experience possible.


We are here to educate and provide a quality product at an affordable price.

The Problem With This Industry.
You will find products at many places like gas station, vape/smoke shops, grocery stores and shops specializing in it. Let’s look at each.

Gas stations and Grocery stores – Neither will take the time to educate you on methods or quality.  This is not their specialty so they lack the education and can’t dedicate time to one customer.  

Vape/Smoke shops – Along the same lines they are likely to have a little more education than the gas station and grocery store but they recently added products to their product offering in order to join the rush.  The environment isn’t to inviting to a new consumer and the product selection is not as great as store that specializes in the products.  Some are now even manufacturing their own product so they will push that line. 

Other  Specialty stores – These places typically have the knowledge to help educate but you’ll find they are also tend to use white labeling.  This means they will take someone else’s product and market it as their own or change the name so it looks like there is no affiliation with the store itself.   Always, always, always ask for quality results!

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All of our products are made right here in the USA


Our team has a combined 55 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. Our formula has been created using the latest research and designed an effective weight loss supplement. Offering you a safe solution for cutting back on unwanted fat without sacrificing any of your muscle tissue without other ingredients that could have adverse effects such as jitters, crashes etc., all while offering natural weight loss through THCV!


Featured Customer Review

While there is no magic potion or pill to make a person’s weight roll off their bodies like lava…Lady J is certainly a game changer. The natural ingredients boost your metabolism giving uber energy, all the while curbing my appetite. I like the fact that I’m taking something natural from the earth, that doesn’t make my heart race, but does help me feel like I need to move.

As I age, I am realizing that in order to lose or maintain a healthy weight, it’s imperative that I exercise and fuel my body with leafy greens, lots of water and a natural supplement like Lady J.

Christian W